What Do We Do For You?

1. Visit you personally to discuss your specific   ooobjectives, target customer / supplier profile, oovalue proposition, and competitive edge

2. Utilize our databases and extensive network ooto identify the right target customers / oosuppliers for you in Mexico, and contact them oodirectly to set up personal visits with them

3. Visit 8-10 targets personally to obtain direct oofeedback and quote opportunities

4. Analyze your market, competitors, and aatrends in your unique market segment

5. Generate a customized report for you oocontaining all the information we gathered, ooplus a SWOT analysis, a set of alternatives, ooand recommendations for next steps

6. Present the report personally to you and ooyour management team in a debriefing oomeeting at your office

Opportunity Analysis

A fast, inexpensive, low risk way to discover

if the Mexican market is right for you.

Get an Opportunity Analysis.

Generated especially

for your company.

                  What Do You Get?

1. Your Office in Mexico, cost shared among a oosmall and exclusive group of other suppliers

2. A true local in-market presence in Mexico that ooMexican customers are now demanding

3. Ongoing sales calls, customer support, and oorelationship building with your customers and oosuppliers, targeted especially for you

4. Access to our extensive network, contacts, oocustomer base, resources, after-sale ooservice, and experience doing business oosuccessfully in Mexico

5. A continuous stream of Requests for ooQuotation, with personal followup at oocustomers' facilities and market intelligence oosent back to you

6. Constant feedback and advice on strategies ooand tactics to utilize for your success

7. Monthly written status reports, plus oocomprehensive quarterly reports presented ooto you personally at your office to keep you ooinformed about exactly what is happening on oothe ground in Mexico.

Get an on-the-ground  presence in Mexico.

Join our team.

You will gain a clear picture of how you stand in Mexico, what your options are, and a full set of recommendations.  And we can execute your plan for you too.

Your Eyes, Ears, Strategic Partner, and In-Market Presence in Mexico

Call us. We can set you up properly.  At low cost and risk.

Call us. We'll share our experience with you. Free.

Time Frame:     2-4 weeks to kickoff

Commitment:   1 year, then you decide on how to continue

Mexico Sales Cluster

Professional in-market sales & customer support

services that give you a true presence in Mexico.

Time Frame:   4-6 weeks, one-off project

Commitment: None

  Sourcing & Supply

• Supplier search in Mexico

• Assessment & evaluation

• Facility & equipment review

• Audit of quality systems

• Securing quotations

• Management assessment

Our core business is bridging the "sales gap" between Canadian suppliers and Mexican customers

2. Want to discover

for sure if you have an opportunity in Mexico?

1. Thinking about it, but not ready to

take action yet?


You will receive opportunities to generate new sales, find partners or suppliers, and get a strong ROI - at low risk or demand on your time or in house resources.

  Information & Support

• In-market technical services

• Competitive intelligence
• Strategic plans & advice

• Negotiating on your behalf

• Partnership development

• Regulations and logistics

3. Ready to find new 

customers and get sales results in Mexico?

Tel. +52 1 461 610 43 37

Thinking about entering the booming Mexican market, but still not sure how? 

Below are four ways we help you:

4. Should you  establish your own facility in Mexico?

For companies who don't want to miss out on the ongoing automotive and manufacturing boom in Mexico - but need to know more about if/how you can compete before making a larger commitment.

Contáctanos para aumentar tu productividad ahora:

  In-Market Sales Force 

• Your physical presence in Mexico

• More customers, sales, and profits

• Continuous quote opportunities

• Personal visits and followup

• Trade show presence

• Referrals through our network

You already know that you need to be in Mexico.  But you may lack the time, experience, Spanish capability, customer base and network to do it yourself.

We can do it all for you.